The optical versatility of modern vinyl flooring already speaks for the numerous possible uses and designs. One can get vinyl floors in the basic colors brown, gray or green, in chic titanium or classic white, multi-colored and transparent. You have darker and lighter shades to choose from as well as numerous vinyl records that are in the range in between in terms of color. From a purely visual point of view, the right vinyl flooring is guaranteed for every taste in large range.

Further great advantages of vinyl floors at a glance!

Due to their very smooth surface, vinyl sheet flooring in memphis tn floors can be cleaned particularly comfortably and cleanly. In addition, they have a high level of moisture resistance, which is not only advantageous from a hygienic perspective, but also forms the basis for problem-free use in damp rooms. Some countries rules and requirements also ensure that vinyl floors manufactured here no longer contain any harmful plasticizers. As known, vinyl panels, which, similar to modern parquet or laminate, are often equipped with a click system, can be laid very comfortably and quickly on your own. Vinyl itself is noise-insulating, robust, has a low height and can be recycled into other plastic products after years of use.

There are various properties that make the material ideal for use as a floor covering. Here are all the advantages of PVC at a glance:

  • high abrasion resistance
  • very easy to care for as it is easy to clean
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • practically unlimited design possibilities
  • elastic and yields slightly when walking – this is not only comfortable, but also gentle on the joints and absorbs sound
  • water-repellent and therefore also moisture-resistant
  • good resistance to acids, alkalis, alcohols and oils
  • resistant to sunlight
  • relatively cheap compared to some other floor coverings

Just make more of your floors and take a look at products of first-class range of high-quality vinyl floors. One will be surprised how attractive, stylish and inexpensive one can add vinyl to your floors. Of course, many distributirs also provides you with the products of well-known brand manufacturers.

The development in the area of ​​vinyl floors has of course progressed rapidly over the past two decades. Today, manufacturers and dealers focus primarily on two aspects, on the one hand the health of the customers and on the other hand environmental compatibility.