Residences In Lentor Hills Road Condo¬ - A World for Your Exploration

A brand-new apartment development at Lentor Hills Road Condo is called Lentor Hills Residences. The project, with a 184,460 square-foot plot, is anticipated to produce 595 residential units. Near Lentor Modern, another GuocoLand project, Lentor Hills Apartments, will be built just over the Thomson-East Coast line’s new Lentor MRT station.

The Lentor Hills Residences are the perfect location to capture all your family’s special moments. The statement that this location is full of amenities to improve your quality of life will be made without hesitation. Celebrate the adrenaline-pumping excitement of living in luxury. Enjoy the quiet, charming ambiance of a peaceful environment. You may effortlessly straddle two perspectives on life if you reside in the lentor hills road condo at any time.

Living Like a Resort in the City

Enjoy the spa-like amenities, including an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, a dining pavilion, a gym, and a breathtaking outlook.

Exclusive Benefits

Lentor Hills Residences is filled to the brim with recreational amenities exclusively devoted to residents’ entertainment, much like an exclusive lifestyle club.

With a land size of more than 17000 sqm and 595 residential units, Lentor Hills Road Condo is a planned development. To assist you in appreciating the fresh air and the early sunlight, the designers built a magnificent piece of art with spacious, cozy areas, high ceilings, and expansive glass windows. Each property has a distinctive feature incomparable to anything else, with contemporary, high-class decor and fine workmanship.

lentor hills road condo


The Lentor Hills Road Residential project has connections to several modes of transportation. Walking to the Thomson-East Coast Line’s future, Lentor MRT station, just takes three to five minutes. The primary retail sector in Singapore, such as Orchard Road, can be reached in approximately 10 minutes by car. The urban Central Business District may also be reached in approximately 13 minutes by car (CBD).


Lentor Hill Residency is a retail mecca, making it the ideal location for compulsive shoppers. Additionally, future inhabitants may go to locations with various facilities for dining and recreation.


The neighborhood is ideal for families with small children. Parents are not required to worry about sending their children to school at rush hour because the nearby educational facilities are high caliber and adjacent to the condominium development. Additionally, they do not need much time to pick up their kids. There are prestigious schools nearby.


You will be surrounded by beautiful landscapes as soon as you enter Lentor Hills Residences and delightful views of first-rate amenities and services. To meet all requirements and requests, including scheduling your transportation, laundry, cleanliness, and many other amenities so that you may lead a more comfortable lifestyle, our dedicated Service team is available around-the-clock.


Lentor Hills Residences, an opulent new condo construction on Lentor Hills Road, provides residents with large apartments and breath-taking vistas, making it the ideal location to call home. Learn more about the new Lentor Hills Condo launch at Lentor Hills Road Condo, which allows you to enjoy the finest in convenience and comfort in a refined environment.