Marital Counseling

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are considering martial counselling in Singapore is that it is not the same for everyone. It depends on your specific needs and situation. marital counselling singapore aims to help couples who are going through some kind of struggle, most often it is a mental health struggle or a marital struggle. The counsellor will work with both the couple and their respective family members, if necessary, to find out what has caused the issue at hand and how to deal with it in the best way possible. This article will go through the things you need to know on how to find a good martial counsellor.

Different Types of Martial Counselling Approaches

Different marital counselling approaches use different techniques to help couples. The common goal of all the approaches is to strengthen relationships, improve communication, and teach conflict resolution skills.
The five most widely used martial counselling techniques are cognitive behavioural therapy
⦁ (CBT), emotionally focused therapy
⦁ (EFT), acceptance and commitment therapy
⦁ (ACT), dialectical behaviour therapy
⦁ (DBT) and solution-focused therapy. For example, couples may be taught how to identify their negative thoughts and replace them with more productive thoughts.

marital counselling singapore

How to Choose the Right Martial Counselling Service

Marital counselling in Singapore is not only for couples going through problems but also for individuals who need help with their relationships. A lot of people prefer relying on a third party to give them the clarity and perspective they need to make the right decision about their relationship or marriage.

The first step to finding the right martial arts counselling service is to make sure that they are accredited or have a good reputation. These organizations will have staff trained in counselling and should also have a good understanding of the needs of couples and families. Secondly, meet the counsellor personally and ask your doubts and questions. Clarify everything with the counsellor and know whether he/she will be able to help you or not, ask them about the process, how it will go, charges and services, duration or time, availability, the reputation of the counsellor, experience in the field, and the challenges you may face during the counselling sessions; and lastly, make sure you are comfortable with him/her sharing your personal information. Also, remember to read or ask someone for the feedback of the counsellor you are choosing for yourself.


The techniques used in marital counselling are not very new and they are not uncommon. They are being used by professionals and therapists for decades. The most common techniques include communication skills training, cognitive behavioural therapy and systemic therapy. Marital counselling in Singapore is an effort to teach couples some ways they can improve their marriage. There are many techniques a counsellor can use to solve the problem between the couple, so make sure to consider the tips mentioned in the article before choosing your martial counsellor.