How to choose the best wedding venue for your special day?

A wedding is a big event, and decisions are divided into two categories: ceremony and reception. Other than the food, choosing the best venue can sometimes consume the couple’s time. You must know the essential tips when planning and choosing your wedding venue. You will be taking necessary considerations to have a suitable wedding venue.


The venue you have to choose has to be spacious to fit everything. The reception area has a larger space to manage the total number of guests you will have. At first glance, you will see the venue is big enough, but when you have to put all the setup, it will consume all the space. Your guests will need an area to move around. Sometimes your estimate for the room can be unreliable. You must imagine where to set everything up so you can estimate accurately. Other people suggest you get an event coordinator who knows how to look for a venue that suits well in your budget. You can contact them when you don’t want to stress during your wedding preparation.


People’s primary activities at a wedding reception are drinking, dancing, talking, and eating. And there have to be activities to make the guests entertain while they are in the event. But before the event, you must visit the place to inspect. You need to stand in a corner and imagine where you have to put these activities. When you see it will not separate the area, it will be crowded during the wedding day. It will help to look at the shape of the venue. When you see blockages or contours, the people will not be able to see in the back. These will comprise the flow of the wedding program.


Most weddings now have a color motif. The color of the ceilings, walls, and decorations have to complement your motif, or they will ruin the color coordination. The place doesn’t have to be in the exact colors as your motifs, but prominent hues at the venue must match. It is not only about the visual interest, but the contrasting colors can be hard to look at. You can request the owner to use a specific color of the curtains on your wedding day. The venue’s color must be light and pastel shades for day and brunch weddings. It will look perfect in person and in a picture. And when you like to have a classic wedding, the venue has to be in dark hues or neutrals.


Lights can break or make the overall mood in the venue. On the wedding day, you must ensure that you have chosen a platform with many windows. For night weddings, you must provide the place is not too dim. Ensuring the lighting at the entryways and dining areas can be managed well. You have to plan it well before your wedding day to ensure that the place is well lit and it will not sabotage the result. Lighting must be well-designed to impact the person and the picture positively.