Technical Container Solutions Just For You

Technical container solutions have grown in popularity during the past few years across numerous sectors. These containers are made expressly to offer a secure environment for delicate machinery, supplies, and equipment. Here are some innovative technical SCF containers solutions that might help your company.

Containers for data centres

IT equipment can be housed securely and adaptably in data centre containers. Servers, routers, and switches are among the essential IT infrastructure protected by these containers. Customized data centre containers are available to accommodate various company demands.

Laboratory Disposables

 Laboratory containers provide a secure and regulated environment for scientific testing and research. These containers can be fitted with specialized features, including ventilation and air filtering systems, to maintain ideal testing conditions. Additionally, laboratory containers may be altered to accommodate workplace and equipment needs.

Containers for control rooms

Control room containers offer a concentrated place for monitoring and managing industrial processes. To maintain ideal conditions for monitoring and regulating processes, these containers are fitted with specific features, including HVAC systems and control panels. Customized control room containers are available to accommodate unique corporate demands.

Storage receptacles

Equipment, materials, and machinery can be safely and weather-resistant stored in storage containers. These containers can be customized with specialized features like shelving and lighting to satisfy specific storage demands.

Site Sheds

SCF containers

They are made to withstand adverse weather conditions. Additionally, because these SCF containers are moveable, firms can relocate their supplies and tools to different places as required.

Container offices

Office space may be quickly and affordably created using office containers. These containers can be modified to fulfil unique business requirements, such as office size and configuration. Specialized amenities, including HVAC systems and lighting, can be added to office containers to maintain a comfortable working environment.

Rapid deployment Accommodation

These containers offer a temporary or permanent option for companies that need office space but lack the funds to build a permanent location.

Container for generators

Backup generators can be housed in containers that offer a secure and safe environment. These containers can have unique features, such as ventilation and fuel storage systems, to accommodate specific corporate requirements. They are made to safeguard essential power infrastructure. Additionally, because generator containers are portable, organizations may shift their backup power infrastructure to multiple places as needed.

Intermodal Services

With flexibility and portability in mind, these containers offer organizations a safe and secure operating environment. By utilizing technical container solutions, business operations can increase effectiveness, productivity, and safety.


For companies that need specialized conditions for their machinery, materials, and equipment, technical container solutions offer a versatile and affordable alternative. Various SCF containers solutions are offered to fulfil corporate demands, from data centres to laboratories, storage to control rooms, and offices to generator housing.